If you are assigned a route with us at Curri you will be able to access a new delivery interface in the Curri Driver app. The main screen below is what you are used to, for the new route interface go to:

① Main Screen

This portion of the interface remains the same. If you click on a non-route delivery, the interface will continue through the same delivery flow that you are used to.

② Route

When a route is selected on the delivery page, you will now see it expand and show all of the stops along your route.

Unlike before, you can interact with each stop individually, allowing you to delete and add additional photos even after you're on the next leg of your route.

Click the menu icon "..." to open up a new set of actions.

The new actions you will be able to see are as follows:

☑️ Upload Image: Do so for any delivery at any time.
☑️ Directions: Google Maps link from current location to the destination address of that delivery.
☑️ Delivery Info: Same as the "Info" button on the current driver flow.
☑️ Call Drop-off: This will be visible only if a drop-off contact was provided (which is also accessible from within Delivery Info).
☑️ Add Drop-off Notes: This only has the "Received by" info.
☑️ Mark As Completed: Will set the delivery as "Delivered" if:
📸 There are at least two photos.
🎯 The driver's status is "at destination".

Stay safe and on to the next ride 🏁

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