It is common to have one or more addresses or contacts that are frequently used when booking, either for pickup or drop-off locations.

If you find yourself having to enter this information often, consider setting up an address in your Address book.

Here's how to add an address to your favorites:

  1. Click "Addresses" in the Main Menu

  2. Search for an address in the address search box. Select the address you would like to add as a favorite from the search results.

  3. After selecting the address from the search results, it will now appear in your favorite addresses and can be selected when booking.

Here's how to associate a contact with a favorited address:

  1. Click "Addresses" in the Main Menu like before

  2. Find the address in your list of favorites or add the address if it doesn't exist using the steps above.

  3. Click "Add Contact" under the address

  4. Enter the contact info and press "Create Contact"

Now anytime you use "Select this address" when booking we will pre-populate the contact information for you!

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