Benefits of signing up as a Curri Carrier

Curri Carrier provides you access to tools allowing you to add vehicles and driver team members to your Carrier profile in order to receive delivery load opportunities.

Carrier Owner Sign-Up

You can enroll your Carrier business at or on our IOS/Android apps using your Department of Transport Number.

For the onboarding process you will need:

  • Government Identification (DOT, MC, or IA number)

  • Vehicle Information

  • Insurance Information

Once you've completed sign-up and we've approved your Department of Transport Number, you'll be able to add a Stripe account for payment and become active to receive load opportunities.

The entire application process may take 1-2 weeks. Please allow some time for your application to process. However, you can always check your current status in the Curri App.

Note: The accuracy of listed vehicles, team members, vehicle accessories, and geographic regions will increase the chances and accuracy of load opportunities.

Carrier Driver Sign-Up

You can join a Carrier Driver Team by accepting the invitation SMS sent from your Carrier. The invitation will look like this:

"CURRI: Welcome X!

You've been invited to drive for Team X by X on Curri!

to accept the invitation, follow this link X"

Gig Driver Sign Up

If you do not have a Department of Transport Number and want to drive for Curri, visit our website at and sign-up using the Curri Driver App.

Curri Driver App for Android

Curri Driver App for iOS

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