What is BigSpring?

BigSpring is the learning management system that we use at Curri to connect our amazing driver community to the learning content that we produce. Learning content ranges from slides, graphics, videos, ungraded assessments, and surveys – because we want to learn from you, too!

Why Does Curri Use BigSpring?

Our mission is to ensure driver success and awareness of new driver opportunities and expectations.

We utilize BigSpring to sync your learning progress to your Curri Driver account to better understand driver performance. We also use this integration to issue you learning plans to enhance your specific experience and further empower you to boost your performance on the platform.

How Do I Log Into BigSpring?

You will be notified by text and/or email if you have learning materials to explore in BigSpring.

To Access:

  1. Head over to pwa.bigspring.io

  2. Enter the email address or phone number that you use for your Curri Driver Profile

  3. A one-time-password will be sent to you

  4. Enter that password

I’ve Completed Everything in My BigSpring. What’s Next?

Congrats! If you have completed all items currently in your BigSpring dashboard, you are all set! Your progress has been saved and applied to your Curri Driver account. Just keep a lookout for any future learning plans sent your way.

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