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How do I invite or refer my colleagues to my Team account?
How do I invite or refer my colleagues to my Team account?
Updated over a week ago

When you sign up for Curri, a Team account is automatically created for you with your first and last name (e.g. Joe Smith's team).

Inviting your colleagues and employees will allow you to see and manage each other's deliveries. It will also help your organization more accurately track and generate reports on your deliveries.

Here's how to invite your colleagues and employees to your Team account:

  1. Log in to your Curri account at

  2. Click the Menu Icon "=" on the top right of the page

  3. Click "Teams"

  4. Select the Team you wish to set up or modify from the Membership Selector

  5. If you are an Admin of the Team, an "Invite New Member" button will display at the top of the list of current members. Click it.

  6. Enter in the first and last name, email address, and team role of the member you'd like to invite.

We will send an invitation email to the email provided. Until the user accepts the invite, they will continue to appear as "Invite Pending". An email will be sent to you when the invitee accepts their invite.

After 90 days, the invitation will expire. In either case, you can always choose to resend the invitation, and a new 90-day period will commence.

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