How do I create a Subteam?
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Subteams are teams that are nested under a parent team.

To find out more about what Subteams are and why you would want to create them, visit this article.

Follow these steps to create a subteam:

  1. Go to the Teams page

  2. Select the team under which you would like to create a Subteam.

  3. Under the “Subteams” section, click “+ Create Subteam”

  4. Fill in the name, Location ID, Location Address, and Reference ID for Accounts Payable for the new Subteam.

  5. Click “Create Subteam” button

  6. You will now see the Subteam appear in the list of Subteams. Click it to invite members and/or continue to build out your organizational structure!

If you have teams that you would like merged, moved, or deleted, or if you have any other questions regarding team management, please contact your Account Manager at [email protected]

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