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Team Address Book: Saved addresses and contacts
Team Address Book: Saved addresses and contacts

All of your saved addresses and contacts are now shared with your Team!

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It is common to have one or more addresses or contacts that are frequently used by your team when booking. If your team has to enter this information often, consider saving an address, its contacts, and key delivery notes in your Address book. Your whole team benefits from saved addresses being shared across team accounts automatically. You'll get your deliveries booked much faster. All of the critical details that are necessary to make your deliveries run smoothly will be added automatically -- for every booker on your team.

Fast. Consistent. Set up for success.

For each address that you save, you can:

  • Add default delivery notes that will ensure deliveries run smoothly and the service is consistent for that address and your team or customer.

  • Assign contacts to ensure that the driver connects with the right person and your team does not have to repeatedly look up and enter contact information.

  • Assign a location/business name so that your team knows exactly which account or branch to select while booking.

Here's how to save an address:

  1. Head to and log into your account.

  2. Click Teams & Insights on the left.

  3. Click Address Book.

  4. Click Add Address.

  5. Complete the simple form and Create Address.

Assign a contact to a saved address:

  1. Click Add Contact to the right of any saved address.

  2. Complete the simple form and Create Contact.

Selecting saved addresses and contacts as you book:

As you book deliveries, you can click into the address fields and quickly select the saved addresses. The notes and contacts that you assigned to these addresses will also automatically populate in the booking flow. We love making things faster for you and your teams.

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