We often get asked at Curri if we can make deliveries that involve hazardous materials or “HazMat”. Our driver network can capably deliver paint and HVAC materials (<1000lbs) every day, with limited hands-on involvement from our Customer Success team. Therefore, your delivery can be scheduled through the Curri app or website.

Other HazMat Materials

Please contact our Customer Success team at [email protected] if you need to schedule the delivery of hazardous materials other than paint or HVAC material. Our team will evaluate your specific needs and match you with a carrier that has all qualifications required under applicable regulations to handle your delivery safely and professionally.

Federal law distinguishes nine distinct categories of Hazmat.


It can be tricky to know if the regulations apply; sometimes even common materials like fuels, cleaners, fertilizer compounds, paint, freon, chlorine and ammonium nitrate fertilizers are considered HazMat materials.

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