Credit Card

Regardless of your type of business, all Curri customers can pay for deliveries using a credit card by adding their credit card information to the "Payments" section on Curri's website or app.

Click “Payments” on the left menu section, then click “Add Payment Method”.

You will then be prompted to enter an email address to which order receipts can be sent, and their debit or credit card information.

Once all payment information is entered in the “Update Payment Information” section, you will be all set to book deliveries and be charged via your credit card.

Net Terms Payment

IF you believe your company is already set up on net terms, please send us a message and we will confirm.

Also, if you believe your company would be eligible for net terms, click on “Reach Out” to contact, or write it in the “Billing Inquiry” box.

Any questions about billing can be sent to our accounting department at [email protected].

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