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Problems on a delivery? Send a Help Request!

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What are help requests?

Help requests are your way to quickly notify our service team and get assistance on delivery. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions.

Types of Help Requests


When to use it

Waiting over 30 mins ((Cars/SUV's, Trucks, Cargo Van, Sprinter Van)

Waiting over 60 mins (Box Truck and larger)

If you are waiting over 30 mins or 60 mins (depending on vehicle type) at a stop you can report to us to potentially receive compensation for your time

Customer canceled

If the customer communicates to you that they wish to cancel the delivery

Incorrect address

When the address you were given is wrong you can use this to inform us of the new address or get help finding it

Delivery Not Advancing

When the app will not move you forward in the delivery process you can submit your stop information here

More weight than quoted

If the delivery is more weight than described to you in the claim and you would like to be compensated for the extra weight or unassign from the delivery
** weight needs to be a substantial difference to be compensated extra

Location closed

If the location is closed when you arrive

Materials rejected

If there is damage to the material at drop off or the receiver rejects the material at drop off

Overnight hold

If the drop-off is closed at the end of the day and the receiver asks for you to hold the delivery overnight

Loading and/or Unloading

If you are asked to hand load and/or unload over 100lbs

Items damaged

If an item is damaged at pick up

Payload Won't Fit

If the payload will not fit in your vehicle at pickup

Order Issues

If there are any issues with the order at pickup and/or dropoff

Customer Unresponsive

If you are unable to reach the customer at pickup and/or dropoff

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