View your Curri Dedicated Routes

A place to view your active dedicated routes.

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If you have a dedicated route set up with Curri, you can view all your available routes in the Your Routes Section of the Routes Page. If you do not have any available routes set up with us, you will be prompted to "Request Service". Click on the green button or fill out the form under

How to view your Dedicated Routes.

  1. Log in to your Curri account at

  2. Click the Menu Icon "=" on the top right of the page

  3. Click "Dedicated Routes"

  4. On the side-navigation, click "Your Routes"

  5. Select the route you want to view on the top right. If you have more than one route set up with us, you can view all your active and inactive routes with the drop-down.

    1. Currently all your route templates are defaulted with an address and the driver's name. If you want to provide a custom name to your route, click on the pencil to edit your route template name.

  6. Click on the calendar date you would like to view your route for that day. A list of routes should display at the bottom of the page if there is a route for the specified date.
    Note: Dates highlighted in green on the calendar show all routes you have scheduled.

  7. Clicking on the specific delivery will open a drawer of information to the right which highlights details regarding the route.

  8. If you have any questions regarding your dedicated routes or if you want to re-activate an "Inactive" route, reach out to your Account Manager or email [email protected].

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