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How to Run a Route: Dedicated Service
How to Run a Route: Dedicated Service

This guide is for drivers who have accepted a route.

Updated this week

Welcome to our video guide for running a Dedicated Service route with Curri. By watching the video below, you will learn: How to access your route, expectations for starting your route, entering the number of stops, proof of delivery, exceptions, contacting support, completing your route, and entering your contract hours. All of this is made simple with the Curri Driver app.

Watch this 2-minute video to get setup for success.

To learn more about call outs, advance notice, holidays, and our 3-strike violation system, please visit this guide.

That's it!

Thank you for doing your part to ensure the quality of our customers' experience and the success of their deliveries.

Don't hesitate to visit or the Help Center in the Curri Driver app if you need support.

Thank you for being a member of the Curri Community! πŸš›

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