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Help for Shippers & Bookers
Help for Shippers & Bookers

Deliveries, Routes, Teams, and other answers on how to use Curri.

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Delivery and Driver ReviewsFor every delivery, customers can leave reviews for the driver and overall experience.

What do I do if my cargo is lost or damaged?
Hazmat DeliveryWe often get asked at Curri if we can make deliveries that involve hazardous materials or “HazMat”.
View your Curri Dedicated RoutesA place to view your active dedicated routes.
Book a Curri Dedicated RouteAdd stops to your Dedicated Route
Does the driver help load or unload my payload?Loading & unloading is an option when you book — for items lighter than 50lbs.
What if my delivery has damaged, missing, or broken items?Curri will remedy this!
How can I reschedule an already booked delivery?You can easily reschedule a delivery for a different time.
Can Curri deliver to a location without an address?Whether it's a new construction site or a specific location on a large property, we can make it happen.
How do I attach a purchase order (PO) or order number to a delivery I’ve already booked?Adding order details to your delivery is simple! Here's how.
How do I prevent my credits from being applied to my delivery?Click "Do not apply credits" at the bottom of the Review Your Delivery section.
Does Curri offer cargo insurance?All Curri deliveries are insured up to $25,000.
Charges for Additional Delivery Requirements
Where can I find proof of delivery?Easily view the photos taken by your driver at pickup and destination.
How do I reset my password?You are a Curri customer and forgot your password. Here's how to reset it.
How do I export my delivery history?You can easily download your delivery history in CSV format. Here is how!
What are Curri Dedicated Routes?Sell more and worry less with Curri Dedicated Routes.
Can I automatically notify my teammate when I book a delivery?There is a way to do so. Read on.
How do I contact Curri for help?You can easily reach a representative from Curri to assist you. Here's how.
Dedicated Route Stops: Curri AppAs a customer, you can use the Curri app to add stops to your dedicated routes and check progress while on the go!