We appreciate you signing up for Curri! We are working diligently to increase the amount of delivery requests our drivers receive. If you’ve applied to drive with Curri and your account is not yet approved, please know that you will be reached out to when our team can verify there is enough demand for your registered vehicle type.

Once you’re selected to continue in the process you will receive an email obtaining a consent for a background check from Checkr. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the results of your background check to clear with Curri.

Once your background check is approved you will then be able to set yourself as “Active” and start receiving delivery notifications.

FYI: We're always on the lookout to grow and expand into new areas. If you'd like to help us grow delivery requests in your area, send us your referrals HERE! You'll help us grow our network of customers, and potentially earn cash for yourself for each customer that books 2 trips with Curri.

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