Payout Increases

Can my payout be increased? What can I get paid for?

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Payouts are based on multiple different factors including market conditions such as traffic and weather. Payouts also automatically include wait time and tolls and sometimes will also include unloading/loading pay.

Additional pay can be requested for the following reasons. All requests will be reviewed by our team for approval before additional pay is processed.

What can I get paid for?

  • Wait time that exceeds 30 minutes (Cars/SUV's, Trucks, Cargo Van, Sprinter Van)

  • Wait time that exceeds 60 minutes (Box Truck and larger)

  • Customer cancelation

  • Hand loading/unloading of more than 100lbs

  • Overnight holds

  • Location closed

  • Return trips

  • Additional mileage due to incorrect addresses

  • Tolls*

*Please note that tolls on the most efficient route between delivery points are automatically included in the original payout. We only adjust toll compensation if the route changes due to a significant change in destination.

What can’t I get paid for?

  • Wait time under 30 minutes

  • An extra order/item is added (unless significant weight difference)

  • Additional mileage or costs due to traffic, weather conditions, etc.

Help Request

Need to request an additional payout? Great news! You can now request additional pay directly in the Curri Driver app before completing your delivery!
More info on Help Requests can be found here.
Please note that only the approved reasons listed above will be honored.

Important Note:

Adjustments to payouts for additional expenses accrued on a delivery must be requested before you tap "Complete Delivery" for that delivery.

Requests made after tapping "Complete Delivery" cannot be accepted, except for:

  1. Customer cancelations

  2. Tolls that were not automatically included in your payout

This adjustment will provide our customers with immediate and clear billing and will come into effect: January 15, 2024.

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