How to accept a Curri Delivery.

New to Curri? Here is what to expect and how to claim your first delivery.

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Make sure your account is set to ACTIVE.

In order to receive delivery alerts in your area, you must ensure that your account is set to “Active”. Setting yourself as an active lets our dispatchers know that you are ready to receive delivery requests.

Claiming your delivery.

When there’s a delivery available in your area for the type of vehicle you drive, you’ll receive a push notification. The message will start with "CURRI" + the pickup and drop-off cities, and the payout.

If the delivery interests you, you can claim the delivery by selecting "I'm Interested".

If you've been selected to receive the delivery, you will receive a app Push notification notifying you that the delivery has been assigned to you.

You can now view your delivery under the "Deliveries" tab on the main menu of the Curri Driver app.

NOTE: All bids are reviewed by our dispatch team and will be assigned to drivers based on proximity to pick-up location, type of vehicle and accessories, and driver rating.

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