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Can someone else make a delivery on my behalf?
Can someone else make a delivery on my behalf?

We don't allow User accounts to be shared. Here's why.

Updated over a week ago

This is a question that we come across every once in a while and it is a completely valid question. Sometimes, unexpected things come up and you are unable to make the delivery or perhaps a family member has offered to take the delivery for you.

However, simply put, while it’s a kind gesture on your friend or family member’s part, you may not allow persons to drive with your User account. As part of your onboarding, you agreed when signing the Terms of Service that you would be the sole authorized user on the account.

At Curri, our top priority is keeping our drivers and customers safe. Knowing who to expect during a delivery is paramount in keeping our customers’ trust. When signing up to drive with Curri, all of our drivers were asked to undergo a background check and provide license information as part of onboarding, which helps our customers trust that we are choosing the right drivers for their delivery needs.

Please refer to point # 3 on Terms of Service for further reading.


Curri does offer the option to create a driver account as an LLC. Please contact us at [email protected] for further details.

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