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Getting Started with the Carrier PortalLearn how to access and get familiarized with the Carrier Portal: Who uses it and what they can do.
Carrier Insurance RequirementsCurri's minimum insurance requirements and Loss Waiver Program for carriers.
Carrier ProfileWhat is the carrier profile? How do I access it? How do I update it with new information?
Carrier PayoutUpdating payout information, how payouts are determined, and how carriers and their drivers are paid.
Location Tracking: CarriersDelivery progress tracking is a major feature for our customers. All drivers must keep tracking enabled throughout the delivery.
Carrier Bidding & Instant Claim: Assigning Vehicles and DriversHow carriers can bid on available deliveries or claim now.
Adding and Editing Carrier Drivers and VehiclesAdding and editing carrier drivers and vehicles is easy via your Carrier Portal Profile.
Carrier & Carrier Driver ScoresScoring is here to help carriers understand their fleet's performance on the platform, coach drivers for improvement, and celebrate wins!
Carrier Safety and Base ExpectationsHow Curri Carriers prioritize safety and meet standards.
Carrier RegistrationLearn how to sign up with Curri as a Carrier.
Carrier Guide Wrap-Up and SupportConclusion of Carrier Guide and how to get support when you need it.
Not getting carrier login code via email?The fix may be a simple one!
Reverse Billing for CarriersInstead of tracking multiple payments across many deliveries, simplify with reverse billing -- with work summaries and weekly payments!
In-app control for carrier ownersCarrier Mobile is here!
Notifications for Carriers: Bidding