Notify your Customer Success team member of the problem. You can also use our live chat option on our website, or call (877) 772-8774 to be connected to your designated Customer Success team member. They will walk you through getting your claim resolved either by phone or email.

Note: Declaring a value for your shipment while booking a delivery helps expedite your claim in the event of lost or damaged items.

What information do I need to provide to start my claim?

  • You will need to provide a receipt or invoice for the wholesale cost of the lost or damaged item(s).

  • You may be asked to provide photos, so please do not destroy or dispose of any damaged items or packaging materials until your claim has been processed.

The more information that you can provide to your Customer Success team member, the quicker your claim will be resolved.

How long will it take for my cargo claim to be resolved?

Claims are generally processed the same day you report them. The fastest way for your claim to be resolved is to get Curri credit. You can also request a check, which is usually received in 5-7 days.

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