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Carrier Insurance Requirements
Carrier Insurance Requirements

Curri's minimum insurance requirements and Loss Waiver Program for carriers.

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It is required that our carriers procure and maintain Curri's carrier insurance minimums in order to continue accessing delivery opportunities on the platform. These minimums are generally required under federal and state laws and regulations, or otherwise to satisfy Curri's risk management program, but it is the responsibility of the carrier to ensure that they meet any additional requirements imposed by any laws or regulations based on the management, operation, and specifications of their business, fleet, and team.

Curri Minimum Insurance Requirements:

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance satisfying DOT requirements:

    1. $300k for carriers with vehicles only under 10k lbs.

    2. $750k for carriers with vehicles over 10k lbs.

  2. Workers' Compensation Insurance which meets the requirements of applicable state law, covering each of the Carrier's employed drivers, or comparable occupational accident insurance coverage for each of the Carrier's independently contracted drivers.

  3. Cargo Insurance, unless the carrier is participating in Curri's Loss Waiver Program, with $100,000 per-occurrence coverage. If a carrier cannot provide a certificate of insurance demonstrating they have the required cargo insurance, Curri may enroll the carrier in its Loss Waiver Program by providing notice of enrollment to the carrier.

The carrier's commercial auto insurance must include public liability and property damage insurance ("AL") covering all owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles -- insuring the carrier in the above amounts.

Loss Waiver Program

Curri's loss waiver program charges a nominal fee on each delivery performed by enrolled carriers to waive Curri's claims against the carrier for compensating cargo and certain third party damage claims incurred by the carrier during the delivery, up to a maximum of $25,000. Historical losses are used to estimate anticipated future losses on a per-delivery basis, which determines the Participation Charges applicable to each delivery. Rates are re-calculated by Curri on a quarterly basis through a review of Curri’s most recent loss data.

A copy of the Loss Waiver Program is available at Carriers wishing to participate in the LW may do so by e-mailing Curri’s legal and compliance team at [email protected]

Adding Insurance Documents

  1. Click on your Profile.

  2. Scroll down to Documents and upload your required documents.

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