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Driver Community Guidelines
Driver Community Guidelines

Violations of Community Guidelines are tracked on your driver profile. Violations may result in temporary or permanent removal.

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Curri Driver Violations

Curri is changing the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies, and our high-quality network of drivers is leading the way. We have created a set of Community Guidelines to ensure all drivers and customers have a safe, respectful, and positive experience on Curri’s platform. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a documented violation and potentially temporary or permanent removal from Curri’s platform.


The Curri Driver network represents respectful, reliable, and presentable customer service and communication. When communicating with customers, customer contacts, and Curri representatives, we expect best-in-class customer service and respectful communication. Always present yourself as a responsible professional and be courteous with a positive attitude when interacting with customers and Curri representatives. Maintain the state of our customers' properties and public areas by leaving no damage or litter. Consistently perform the expectations of the delivery. Communicate with Curri and the customer when things go wrong. Deliveries may be to active job sites or other customers, so it’s important to wear presentable and appropriate attire (e.g., closed-toe shoes) to best handle all kinds of deliveries you may take.

Professionalism violations are taken seriously. Receiving one may result in coaching, a temporary ban, or a full platform ban.

Assignment expectations:

From the point of accepting a Curri assignment to the final delivery location, it is crucial to double-check all the details of the customer requests in the pickup and drop-off notes. After claiming a delivery, self-unassignment or requesting a higher payout before heading to pick up will result in a violation. Multiple self-unassignments within 30 days will result in a ban. Curri drivers are expected to keep tracking enabled whilst on deliveries. Curri drivers must arrive in the exact vehicle requested with the requested accessories and clear cargo space for the delivery. The driver must follow all loading/unloading instructions. Drivers are expected to confidently secure the load, provide the customer with proof of photos at all locations, and attain a receipt by name.

Failure to arrive in the correct vehicle may result in a 30-day ban.


Arriving on time is crucial! Whether it be the pickup or drop-off location, arriving at the expected time the customer has chosen is crucial to the success of a 5-star delivery. Delays to pickup and drop-off can both result in a violation. For any reason, if there is a delay in pick up or drop off ETA’s, please contact our Delivery Operations team. If you arrive early, please be patient as the customer may not be ready until the scheduled pickup time.


When it comes to active deliveries, there are unforeseen logistics such as waiting for an order to be ready, adding an additional stop to delivery, or even being asked to assist with labor and you may have questions. Likewise, as a driver you may also have unforeseen issues for a plethora of circumstances that cause a delay in your ETA, needing assistance with your Curri app, or much more. In these circumstances please contact us before contacting the customer. We are here to help!


Here at Curri, safety is a priority. For any and all deliveries, we must ensure our customers, Curri Drivers, and Curri team members are abiding by all of our safety protocols and company policies at all times. This includes but is not limited to, safety in verbal communication, securing delivery materials, and actively being aware of local driving laws and regulations. For example, if you forget to bring your driver's license for your delivery, it will result in a safety violation.

Violation Duration

We understand mistakes happen and a single driver violation should not reflect your future opportunities for growth while working with Curri. For that reason, a single driver violation will fall off your driver profile after 30 days. In the occurrence that a driver has three active violations, the Curri Driver will be put in ban review and may be banned. Banned users are not eligible for future deliveries.

Curri is a team, we are here to help! While on an active delivery, never hesitate to reach out to our Delivery Operations with questions. If you are not on an active delivery, you can reach out to our Driver Support team at [email protected].

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