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Charges for Additional Delivery Requirements
Charges for Additional Delivery Requirements
Updated over a week ago

Curri's platform offers full transparency on pricing. You can see instant pricing for a simple car up to a 20' flatbed truck or request a quote for a larger freight vehicle.

Special delivery requirements may incur additional charges. Any fees will be communicated before being applied.

Here are some common situations where you would be charged an additional fee:

  • More supplies were loaded, or the total weight exceeded what Curri quoted

  • There was a change in vehicle size after quoted

  • The driver needed to load/unload heavy supplies (unless discussed)

  • Addresses were changed/added after quoted

  • The driver needed to return items to the pickup location

  • The driver had to wait for an extended period at the pickup and drop-off location

  • Overnight holds (if the drop-off location is closed or the drop-off contact left early)

  • The driver needed specific equipment to fulfill the load that was not disclosed

  • Tolls fees occurred for a particular route

Make sure to discuss any specific needs with your designated Account Manager ahead of time. Nobody likes surprises!

Thank you for trusting Curri.

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