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Driver Payout: Errors & Troubleshooting
Driver Payout: Errors & Troubleshooting

Did you know that you can fix most payout errors? Here's how!

Updated this week

Payout errors can be a drag, but you can actually solve most of them yourself! More often than not, payout errors are the result of account payout details either missing or entered inaccurately.

To update your details, you can head to your profile in the Curri Driver app and select the option to edit your payment method to update your payment profile.

  1. Tap the Menu button on the top left of your app

  2. Tap your name

  3. Tap the pencil icon next to Payout Method.

  4. Tap Update Your Payment Profile.

Stripe Payout Statuses

Payment submitted after 11 am PDT. To be processed at 11 am PDT the following business day.

Payout has not been sent yet.

In transit
Payout has been sent and is en route to deposit into the account.

Payout was deposited successfully.

Payout failed to deposit.

Payout was canceled before it was in transit (usually done manually).

Common Issues


Payment shows as scheduled for multiple days.

Likely needs to provide more info to Stripe, such as:

Driver’s License; DOB; SSN; EIN.

Payment failed.

Needs to update payment info; Bank temporarily not accepting transfers; Card expired, lost, or stolen.

Not seeing payment in earnings even though it says “paid”.

Payment may have been lumped together with another one

Payouts disabled and need to: Update info; accept Stripe’s TOS; make sure ID name matches name on profile; DOB, SSN or EIN.

Note: If you drive under a carrier, please discuss payment concerns with the owner of your Carrier.

Carrier Owners

Cannot see driver pay history.

Contact Curri Support to correct driver account settings within your Fleet.

Carrier not receiving driver’s pay.

Driver likely has their own Stripe account connected due to previously working on the platform. Our team will need to connect the Carrier's Stripe account to correct this. Please contact Curri Support using the chat option.

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