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What photos must I take at the pickup and drop-off locations?
What photos must I take at the pickup and drop-off locations?
Updated over a week ago

As a driver, you're required to take pictures of all items in the delivery at the pickup and drop-off locations. This is done to document the condition of the supplies before and after drop-off. It's important these photos are directly uploaded into the Driver App.

The drop-off photos should also provide adequate proof that the supplies were delivered to the correct location.

For every delivery, be sure to get the name of the person you are dropping the package off with and collect their signature in the signature box provided in the app.

Note: In the rare instance that the customer has given you explicit permission (via a phone call or text) to leave the items at drop-off without contact, please make sure to let the driver support team know, and take a photo of where the items are left. A good photo will include landmarks or unique objects in the photo such as a garage door or mailbox.

This will be helpful if there are any questions later about the delivery.

Photos are very important to the delivery flow and ensure the driver is fulfilling the delivery successfully. Curri may withhold payment if there is no proof of delivery photos.

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