Issues at pickup or drop-off
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I'm here. Where is everyone?

If there's no one at the pick-up/drop-off location, please do the following:

  • Double-check your delivery notes for any specific pick-up/drop-off instructions

  • Call the pick-up/drop-off contact if one is listed

  • For drop-off: do not leave the items unless specified otherwise

After attempting contact several times, chat with us via the Help Center in the Curri Driver app.

I have been waiting at pickup or drop-off for a long time.

Curri pays drivers for wait time if they have waited at pickup or drop-off for over a half hour due to a customer delay. The clock starts at the time that you arrive or the time that the pickup is scheduled for -- whichever is shorter.

Please complete this form for wait time compensation.

The order numbers are wrong and they can't find the order.

If the order numbers are wrong, or the team at pickup cannot find the order: tap Delivery Details in the Curri Driver app. Provide the team at pickup all the information including contacts, addresses, and manifest -- as these details can help them find the order. If this is still an issue, reach out to the Curri team for assistance via the Help Center in the Curri Driver app.

The customer is refusing the delivery.

If the customer refuses the delivery, contact the Curri team via the Help Center in the Curri Driver app. We will coordinate and compensate you for the return trip.

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