In order to improve and check-in on your performance, Curri is introducing Driver Scores! We want you to have the tools necessary to be the best Curri driver, so to help you we’re providing you with feedback that’s clear, transparent, and live.

Your score will be shown on your Profile Screen and will feature a star ranking between 1 and 5. The driver scores and feedback are here to simply remind and guide you on what is expected and how you can improve. Or, if you’re already a rock star, the score will provide you with bragging rights and motivation.

Your score will be updated every 24 hours after a new review is submitted by a customer or our Curri Operations Team. Scores will start to appear on your profile after you’ve received 3 or more reviews. So if you’re just starting out, keep in mind it may take some time until you can view your score.

Your score will be rated based on the following criteria. Were you…

  • Respectful and courteous

  • On time for pickup and delivery

  • Safe and careful handling materials or packages

  • Utilizing active tracking while making a delivery

  • Following instructions on delivery notes

  • Quick to communicate issues, delays, or cancellations

  • Regularly uploading pictures of pickup and delivery

  • Showing up in a clean and empty vehicle at pickup

  • Wearing appropriate attire (e.g. closed toe shoes) for transporting construction and industrial materials.

If you’ve said yes to all of these, then you’re on the right track to be a 5 Star Driver! A higher score will increase your probability of being chosen for more deliveries.

If you have any questions about your score, please feel free to contact the Curri Operations Team. We’re here to help!

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