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Carrier & Carrier Driver Scores

Scoring is here to help carriers understand their fleet's performance on the platform, coach drivers for improvement, and celebrate wins!

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We want to set you up for success. In order to improve and maintain your fleet's performance, you have to know how your drivers are doing. The Curri Carrier Portal and Driver App now provide you and your drivers with live and consistent feedback.

Finding your Scores

Carrier owners can find their carrier score in their Profile via Curri Carrier Portal.

Drivers can find their driver score in the Curri Driver app by heading to Menu > Profile. You'll see it there, right at the top of your profile represented as a star-rating and badge system.

Elements of your Score and Badges

Once a carrier's drivers have made 5 deliveries, all of their scoring elements below will be applied to your carrier score. If they average 90% success or higher in the areas identified, a badge will be applied to their driver account! High scores and badging make your drivers more preferable to receive offers.

Timeliness (On Time Badge)

Make sure that you are on time for pickup and delivery.

  • Rush delivery: Head out immediately and go directly to pickup & destination.

  • Scheduled delivery: Arrive on or ahead of time to pickup. Go directly to destination.

Curri deliveries should not be blended or overlapped with other deliveries.

Proof of Delivery (Photographer Badge)

Take multiple photos at the origin and destination which document the location, load secured in the vehicle, all items in the load and their condition.

Self Unassignment (Dependable Badge)

Drivers forfeit all points from a delivery if a driver/carrier unassigns from a delivery they have claimed.

Customer Service

  • Prioritize the customer experience always and follow Driver Community Guidelines.

  • If a customer requests any additional service, inform the customer that you will communicate with the Curri team and we will work together to meet the customer's need.

Learn more about our Driver Community Guidelines and violations here.

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