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Explore how driver pay is determined, when drivers are paid, and how drivers are paid.

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How Delivery Payouts are Determined

You can see the payout breakdown before you claim a delivery. The payout for each delivery is determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • Number of miles

  • Vehicle type requested

  • Size of the load

  • Market conditions (e.g., local regulations, demand patterns, gas prices)

  • Loading/unloading requirements

  • Tolls

  • Some deliveries contain a Bonus

    • This is a one-time incentive attached to extra urgent deliveries, so act fast!

When Drivers are Paid

After completing a delivery, drivers can see their pending payout in the “earnings” screen in the driver app menu. Multi-stop deliveries appear in earnings at the end of the day, once all deliveries have been completed.

Standard Pay: 1-3 business days. No fee. (default)

Instant Pay: Immediately. 1% fee.

A card must be added to your account prior to requesting Instant Pay.

Add Card for Payouts

You can use either a checking account or a debit card for direct deposit.

1. Click the Menu Icon on the top left of your driver app.

2. Click "Profile".

3. Select the pen icon on the top right corner of "Payout Method"
4. Enter your debit or bank account information in the "Your Payment Methods" section.

5. Fill out the form with your information.

If you do not see the "earnings" section of the app, you need to update the app to the newest version. Here's an article to help.

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