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How do I turn on push notifications?
How do I turn on push notifications?

Turn on push notifications to know when new deliveries are available in your area.

Updated over a week ago

Notifications are pretty important to ensure that you know about deliveries as they become available near you. You will be prompted to enable notification and location permissions when you first download and log into the Curri Driver app. Allow all prompted permission requests in order to ensure the app works properly for you.

You will only be notified of deliveries available in your area matching your vehicle type.

Turn your push notifications back on:

Accidents happen. If you accidentally turned Curri Driver app notifications off, you will see a warning icon in the menu. To turn notifications back on:

  1. Open the Menu in the Curri Driver app.

  2. Tap the ⚠️ icon.

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. Toggle all notifications on. This may look different on your device.

Set yourself to Active

To receive notifications for all deliveries in your area that match your vehicle type and capabilities.

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