How do I set myself to active?

Set yourself as active on the Curri driver app to start receiving delivery requests.

Updated over a week ago

When you are ready to receive delivery requests, set your Curri Driver app to active.

Be sure that you are "deliver-ready"

  • shirt with sleeves

  • long pants

  • closed shoes

  • completely clear cargo areas

Receiving delivery requests

While active, you will receive requests for deliveries near you that match your vehicle and capabilities.

Be sure to keep both your vehicle and capabilities up to date in your profile by opening the menu and tapping your name at the top.

Note: The ability to set yourself as "Active" is dependent on a cleared Criminal and MVR background check. Onboarding selection for initializing these checks is based on demand per vehicle type in your area. If you cannot set yourself as active, this could be due to a lack of deliveries offered in your area. We appreciate your patience.

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