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Carrier Safety and Base Expectations
Carrier Safety and Base Expectations

How Curri Carriers prioritize safety and meet standards.

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Delivery Preparedness

Making safety a priority starts before you even get on the road. Let's run down a delivery preparedness checklist to see how ready you are.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing the appropriate clothing and having access to PPE is critical to operating safely and meeting our customer's expectations as you enter warehouses and construction sites for pickup or delivery. You may encounter slippery surfaces, heavy moving objects, loud sounds, and airborne particulates.

  • Must-haves:

    • Long pants

    • Closed-toe shoes (ideally steel-toe boots)

    • Work gloves

  • Strongly suggest access to:

    • Hard hat

    • Reflective vest

    • Eye protection

    • Ear protection

    • Face mask

Note: Depending on the origin and destination sites or the materials being transported, customers may require that drivers utilize particular PPE. Be sure to indicate which PPE you will have available in your vehicle by keeping your Profile in the Curri Driver app updated.

Vehicle and Cargo Areas

Our customers trust that their materials will get to their destination on time and by a means presentable to their customers. Keeping your vehicle maintained and orderly will not only secure higher ratings for your driver profile. It will also ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

  • Avoid breakdowns by keeping up with vehicle maintenance.

  • Keep vehicles clean and presentable.

  • Keep cargo areas clean and clear.

    • Loose items cause damage. No items should ever be loose in cargo areas, even if they are not the customer's materials.

    • Customers select vehicle types based on the size of their cargo areas. Having other items, including loads from other deliveries, reduces the space available to the customer and is unacceptable.

Standard Operator Responsibilities

Being non-compliant with state and federal regulations is not acceptable. Regulations are intended to ensure the safety of the public. Further, consequences for non-compliance while operating cause major delays for our customers' time-critical deliveries. Always keep your:

  • DOT number properly affixed to your vehicle,

  • Medical card readily accessible,

  • Logbook maintained.

It is the carrier and operator's responsibility to understand all regulations applicable to their work and vehicle.

Safety While On-Delivery


Drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely at all times. At origin or destination locations, drivers must enter the site cautiously and must follow any signage or direction from on-site teams in the interest of safety. Drivers must abide by any safety regulations for the site they are entering, including but not limited to the use of PPE.

Securing Loads

It is the driver's responsibility to adequately secure the items that they are transporting. Inadequate fastening and security of the load can result in damage or injury. Drivers who do not adequately secure loads will be issued a violation or may be banned from the platform. Curri takes safety very seriously. We are proud to work with carriers and drivers who prioritize safety throughout the delivery process.

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