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Adding and Editing Carrier Drivers and Vehicles
Adding and Editing Carrier Drivers and Vehicles

Adding and editing carrier drivers and vehicles is easy via your Carrier Portal Profile.

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When adding drivers and vehicles to your Carrier Profile, it is important to be detailed and accurate. The Curri Platform utilizes the information that you enter to match deliveries to your team's capabilities.

Locate your Carrier Profile

  1. Click the "Profile" tab at the top right of the window.

For additional guidance about logging into the Curri Carrier Portal, take a look at this guide.

Fleet Details

Under the Fleet Details heading, you will see your existing fleet as they have been entered. This includes drivers and vehicles.

Add to Fleet

We've made it easy to add to your fleet. Simply click the "Add to Fleet" button and enter the fleet details as prompted. When adding drivers to your fleet, an invite link will be texted to them to create a driver's account or login to accept. They will use the Curri Driver app to complete deliveries.

Edit Your Fleet

To edit your fleet, select the 3-dot button next to the driver/vehicle you would like to edit and make the appropriate selections for the edit you wish to make.

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