How much will I get paid?

How much a delivery pays is visible in the Curri driver app before accepting the gig. The payout for each delivery is determined by multiple factors, including but not limited to:

  • Number of miles

  • Vehicle type requested

  • Size of the load

  • Market conditions (e.g., local regulations, demand patterns, gas prices)

The larger the vehicle, the longer the distance, and the higher the payout.

For toll reimbursement, please keep in mind that drivers must request to be compensated. Please email toll receipts to [email protected].

When will I get paid?

After a completed delivery drivers can see their pending payout in the “earnings” screen in the driver app menu.

Payouts will automatically be scheduled for 10 AM PST the next day.

Multi-stop deliveries are paid out at the end of the day, once all deliveries have been completed.

If you do not see the "earnings" section of the app, you need to get the newest version. Here's an article to help.

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