Is Curri active in my area?

Why is my account inactive? How can I receive more deliveries?

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Is Curri active in my area?

We operate in most metropolitan areas. If you are in one of these regions, most likely there are deliveries for you... You should sign up!

If you are not in a major metropolitan area but have large industrial areas or booming development you should sign up. Our app is free, easy to get started with, and your information is safe. Only a matter of time before we are in your area

Why is my account inactive?

We may still be building demand in your area for your vehicle type.

How do I become an active driver?

Once the demand for your vehicle increases in your area, you will receive a notification email connecting you with Checkr (a third-party service). You will need to give approval for the background check process to start. If qualified, you will be fully approved to start accepting gigs.

How can I receive more deliveries?

As an active driver, you should start to receive delivery notifications based on your listed vehicle type, proximity to the delivery, and driver profile completeness. If you don't see many deliveries, make sure you are marked as active in the app and that your driver profile has all images and information.

If you have been active for some time and still have not received many notifications, we are actively monitoring and working to grow the region soon!
If you think something else might be the issue please reach out to our support team using the chat feature.
We look forward to growing the business with drivers like you behind the wheel!

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