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Inactive Driver Status and Reactivation Requirements
Inactive Driver Status and Reactivation Requirements

Your Curri account may be suspended due to being inactive for 90 consecutive days.

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Inactive Driver Status - Reactivation Requirements

Your account may be automatically suspended if you have not marked yourself as Active on the Curri Driver app or completed a delivery for a period of 90 consecutive days. This action is taken in order to allow new drivers to become active and claim deliveries. Although inactive, your profile is still on record and can be reactivated upon request.

If you'd like to begin accepting deliveries again, please click the in-app button or let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Please note: If you were made ineligible for future deliveries, you will need to instead contact the appeals team. You can see more here.

Please note, depending on existing delivery demand in your region, you may be reinstated and placed inactive until there is enough demand in your area.. If your account was originally activated over a year ago, you may be required to complete a new verification process which includes a background check.

If you were marked as Active and recently had your account deactivated, you may have been suspended for other reasons. You can learn more about those reasons and next steps here.

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