You can now include your driver capabilities and vehicle accessories to your Curri driver profile when you update the latest version of the Curri Driver app.

By including all your capabilities as a driver and the accessories you have available, you can meet the specific delivery requirements of delivery requests.

  • Go to the app store and search for the Curri Driver app

  • Click Update next to the app

  • Wait a moment as the app updates

  • Click Open next to the Curri Driver app to launch the new version

  • Click the Menu Icon on the top left of the Curri Driver app

  • Click Profile from the menu options listed

  • You will first see the section Your Vehicle

  • Click the Pencil Icon to add your vehicle accessories

  • Scroll past the Your Vehicle Section to Accessories

  • Click the checkboxes that apply to you

Vehicle Accessories Include:

  • 4ft - 10ft Trailer

  • 10ft - 14ft Trailer

  • 14ft - 22 ft Trailer

  • 22ft+ Trailer

  • Pipe Rack / Ladder Rack / Lumber Rack

  • Dolly

  • Straps

  • Pallet Jack

  • Lift Gate

  • Ramp

  • Enclosed Trailer

Please click Save at the bottom of the page, then return to your Driver Profile Page.

  • Click the Pencil Icon next to Your Capabilities

  • Choose all that apply to you

Driver Capabilities Include:

  • Bilingual in Spanish

  • Covid-19 Vaccine

  • Load/unload 150+ (oversized)

  • Load/unload 50-150 pounds (medium)

  • Operate liftgate

  • Operate pallet jack

  • Overnight hold

  • Willing to travel over 150 miles

And that’s it! Now you can match with delivery requests that include the requirements you satisfy.

Drive safe out there!

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