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Delivery progress tracking is a major feature for our customers. All drivers must keep tracking enabled throughout the delivery.

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Our customers coordinate projects with tight timelines. Curri offers delivery progress tracking as a critical feature for our customers. Curri Driver app location tracking must be allowed on the phone of the driver assigned to the delivery to log pickup and delivery progress. Drivers and carriers who do not enable location tracking risk receiving a violation and removal from the Curri platform.

Driver & Carrier Benefits

  • Enables the app to automatically progress through all stages of the delivery

  • Is a key aspect of delivery verification to confirm delivery success

  • Grants access to nearby deliveries

  • Maintaining higher driver scores + not risking violations = higher platform status

Activating Location Tracking

To ensure all features are enabled including location, notifications for new opportunities, and app automation: we recommend a fresh install.

When you first download and open the Curri Driver app, you will be prompted to allow permissions. We will only prompt you to accept the permissions required for the app to perform properly. For success on the Curri Driver platform, you must allow all permission requests as prompted.

You can simply:

  • Delete the Curri Driver app from your phone: Long-press the app icon and tap Delete or Uninstall.

  • Download it again on your phone's app store (Apple App Store, Google Play).

  • Log into your driver account using your phone number.

  • Accept all permissions as you are prompted.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!

Thank you for partnering with us to better serve our customers!

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