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In-app control for carrier owners
In-app control for carrier owners

Carrier Mobile is here!

Updated over a week ago

Your carrier owner experience is improved in the Curri Driver app!

  1. See all of your drivers' deliveries in your delivery history

  2. Access your carrier profile

  3. Bid on deliveries

... all right from within the Curri Driver mobile app!

Here are the details:

Driver delivery history

Have better visibility into your business and the work of your team by accessing delivery history. This history includes all deliveries completed by your team. This history includes delivery details and assignments.

Carrier profile

By tapping your name in the app menu, you can access your user profile. Within your profile, you also now have access to your carrier profile where you can manage your carrier account details and fleet โ€” including drivers and vehicles.

Bid and claim deliveries in the app

You will be notified of new deliveries matching your fleet and location via the Curri Driver app. You can tap into these notifications to view delivery details and expectations; and to bid on or claim deliveries.

Note: You may still bid using the website, though the application offers the best notification experience.

We are excited to be bringing you and your team these updates!

Thank you for being part of the Curri Carrier community!

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