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Getting Started with the Carrier Portal
Getting Started with the Carrier Portal

Learn how to access and get familiarized with the Carrier Portal: Who uses it and what they can do.

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To access our full guide which details the bidding process, driver scoring, and more: Be sure to use the "Next" navigation buttons at the bottom of each page in this guide.

Welcome to the Curri Community!

We are so happy to have you on our team and can't wait to get you set up for success! The Curri Carrier Portal is where Carrier Owners and Fleet Managers manage their:

  • Deliveries

  • Profile

    • Carrier Details

    • Drivers & Vehicles

    • Payouts

We want to ensure that you enter all of the required information to have full visibility on the platform — to be assigned to the deliveries that best align with your team's capabilities.

Let's learn how to access the Carrier Portal and complete the Carrier Profile.

Log in to the Carrier Portal

  1. Click "Log in to Carrier Portal".

  2. Type in your email address and click "Login".

  3. Enter the Verification Code that was sent to your email inbox and click "Submit verification and continue".
    Check your email spam folder if necessary.

Who Uses the Carrier Portal

The Carrier Portal is for use by Carrier Owners only. Drivers access the deliveries that they are assigned via the Curri Driver App. Using the Carrier Portal, a Carrier Owner may bid for a delivery and assign themselves as the driver. Anyone doing a delivery, including a Carrier Owner, must then use the Curri Driver App throughout the delivery process with location tracking enabled to register the stages of the delivery process.

Exploring the Carrier Portal

Before we complete our profile. Let's take a look at what you can do in the Carrier Portal.

We know that things move quickly, so we designed a Carrier Portal which prioritizes the features that you need to get to in a snap. The Carrier Portal has 2 tabs at the top of the page: Deliveries and Profile.

  1. Deliveries

    1. View your existing deliveries.

    2. Receive new delivery opportunities and place bids on them.

      1. Note: You will be notified of new deliveries via the contact information that you include in the Profile tab.

  2. Profile

    1. Manage your Carrier profile.

      1. Contact information.

      2. Legal verification of Carrier.

      3. Your fleet (drivers).

Feel free to click around and explore!

Next, let's take a look at setting up your Carrier Profile.

We want to ensure that you receive delivery opportunities appropriate to your fleet as they become available in your area!

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