When you drive with Curri, you are representing our customers (typically suppliers) to their customers (typical contractors at job sites).

The construction industry runs on deadlines, so clear communication and timeliness are always important regardless of the priority option!

Curri offers 3 priority delivery options for our drivers:

  1. Rush: These deliveries are time-sensitive in nature. It's important to complete these in a timely manner to maintain a solid driver rating. Any issues should be communicated with the Delivery Operations Team.

  2. Scheduled: These are Rush deliveries that have been scheduled in advance. It's important to arrive at the pickup site a few minutes prior to the scheduled time. Note: The scheduled time is not when you should leave for the pickup location but when you should arrive at the pickup.

  3. Same Day: These deliveries are less time-sensitive. You'll be given a window to pick up and deliver these items. During this time, you may be able to do other Same Day deliveries!

Will I get paid differently for each delivery?

Yes! Typically Rush deliveries will have higher payouts, followed by Scheduled, and then Same Day.

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