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Carrier Bidding & Instant Claim: Assigning Vehicles and Drivers
Carrier Bidding & Instant Claim: Assigning Vehicles and Drivers

How carriers can bid on available deliveries or claim now.

Updated over a week ago

When a new delivery is available, you will be notified through email and SMS. Navigate to the link included in the message. Each delivery is sent to local carriers to be bid upon or claimed. The most competitive bid or earliest claim will be given the delivery to be completed.

Once on the bid screen you are able to see more details about the delivery and requirements for pick-up and drop-off. Please confirm all details and place your bid or claim the delivery now.

Assign Vehicle & Driver > Place Bid or Claim Now

  1. Click edit.

  2. Assign a driver to a vehicle.

  3. Select the pair.

  4. Bid or Claim.

You are also able to edit your bid once it is submitted to increase your likelihood of being assigned. Bidding only occurs via this interface. Requests to negotiate with Curri via support communications will not be considered.

Once a driver is assigned they will receive a notification with the order details.

If a delivery has already been claimed by a winning bid, you will see a screen that shows that the delivery is no longer available.

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