Carrier Registration

Learn how to sign up with Curri as a Carrier.

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Welcome to Curri!

We are happy you are interested in signing your carrier up with Curri. Our platform has a lot to offer you and your team including:

  • Carrier Portal

    • Manage your Carrier details, team, vehicles, and payout.

    • Bid on deliveries that match your team's capabilities as they become available in your area.

  • Curri Driver App

    • Notifies your drivers once you assign deliveries to them.

    • Tracks progress through the delivery flow.

    • Guides your drivers step by step.

    • Provides delivery notes and contact information for support.

    • Logs Proof of Pickup and Proof of Delivery for you.

      • Location

      • Photos

      • Recipient name and signature

If that all sounds good to you, let's get you signed up!

Sign Up

We've made signing up super simple.

  1. Head over to

  2. Scroll down to the signup area and enter your name and email address.

  3. Complete the 4-Step form.

  4. Sign in with your email and begin the onboarding process to set up your account.

For the onboarding process you will need:

Once you've completed the sign-up, be sure to log in to your account and add the above information to your profile. Once we've approved your Department of Transport Number, you will then be able to complete your profile including payout information. You will then be able to bid on and claim deliveries in your area that match your fleet's capabilities.

The entire application process may take 1-2 weeks. Please allow some time for your application to process.

Next Steps: Getting Started with the Carrier Portal

We recommend getting familiar with the Carrier Portal regardless of the timeframe above. Now that you've registered, it's time to get started with the Carrier Portal platform. Click the button below!

Want a brief overview of what's to come without going through more articles? See below!

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