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Delivery canceled or unassigned from a delivery
Delivery canceled or unassigned from a delivery
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Canceled or Unassigned

If you receive a notification that the delivery has been canceled or that you have been unassigned from a delivery:

  • The customer canceled the delivery and it is no longer available.

  • The delivery parameters have changed and no longer match your vehicle or profile capabilities.

If a Curri Team member has unassigned you and it was not due to underperformance, this unassignment will not impact your score and you may be compensated.

Self Unassignment

A driver self unassigment is when a driver unassigns themselves from a delivery that they had claimed. Self unassignments delay deliveries for our customers. Due to this, self unassignments negatively impact Driver Scores and result in an account violation.

If necessary, select "I am no longer able to fulfill this delivery" within the delivery details to self-unassign.

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