When you drive with Curri, you are representing our customers (suppliers) to their customers (builders). The construction industry runs on deadlines so drivers are expected to arrive on time or communicate ASAP to Curri dispatch if there are any issues, delays, or cancelations.

First and foremost, ALWAYS keep your tracking active in the driver app while on a delivery.

Once you are assigned a delivery, read ALL of the directions or notes provided in the driver app to ensure you are properly prepared. Then, head to the pickup location ASAP.

If issues arise, communication with the customer and the Curri dispatch team is the most important thing you can do.

At the Pick-Up Location

Once you're at the pickup location, most orders can be picked up at the store's "WILL-CALL." Be respectful and kind to our customers and their materials being picked up. Double-check you have everything in the order and secure the loads properly. Safety is really important.

Take good, clear pictures of the load you're picking up and upload them into the app. Try not to make unnecessary stops along the way, as this can delay your delivery. Remember that customers are tracking the order as well, so again, make sure that your location is active in the app.

At the Drop-Off Location

Most deliveries have drop-off contacts in the delivery notes. It is not uncommon to be requested to call them before you arrive to deliver. Please check the delivery notes during drop-off.

Once you have delivered the supplies, upload a clear photo of the supplies at the drop-off location and record the name of the recipient. You can now close out your delivery.

Once your delivery is completed you should receive a text message about payment updates.

Following these tips will ensure you're well on your way to becoming a 5-star Curri driver. Going above and beyond also helps. At times, you may be asked to wait during a delivery or get assigned a delivery out of your area. Being a team player and communicating effectively help you become and stay a preferred 5-star Curri driver.

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